Lesson Series

Intro to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Your Org

Empower business and technology leaders to envision how AI might concretely benefit their organization.
What you are going to learn

AI 101

Students of this course will learn how to identify good opportunities for integrated AI into their organization. In addition, they will learn how best to structure a team and problem to minimize risk. Lastly, they will gain the ability to understand the perspective of a machine learning engineer in order to most effectively communicate and collaborate with them.
Throughout this course you will:
  • Learn why now is a great time to add AI to your organization.
  • Learn how measure the ROI of your AI initiatives as directly as possible and know, in advance, how you will do so.
  • Learn how and why data quality is, at a minimum, just as important as data quantity.
  • Fully understand why succeeding at an ML problem in an experimental context is only part of truly adding value to your organization long-term.

Who Should Attend?


who have questions or ideas about how they might best integrate AI into their organization. 


who want to focus on how to identify problems, build/manage teams to solve them, and measure success.

Business Owners

with an interest in understanding how AI can change their business.


who wants to learn the basics of AI in an intuitive way that does not require any substantial math or statistics background

About Reed

Reed is a Natural Language Processing expert. He has industry and research background in conversational AI, text mining, and linguistics. Reed has a deep passion for how language, communication, and education about AI shape our world. Coke holds his MS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
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