Lesson Series

Group Problem Solving

This course will help you facilitate complex group problem solving processes.
What you are going to learn

Group Problem Solving

Problem solving with groups isn't easy. But it can be made easier. This course helps you support groups through complex problem solving processes. In this course, you will identify the common challenges in solving wicked problems with groups, focus on the solving right problem, not just any problem, explore best practices for group problem solving, and practice using the Problem Solving Template to support your work to facilitate group problem solving. 
Throughout this course you will:
  • Identify the common challenges in solving wicked problems with groups.
  • Focus on the solving right problem, not just any problem.
  • Master using the Problem Solving Template to facilitate group problem solving.
  • Implement best practices for group problem solving

Who Should Attend?


who want to support teams move through problem solving endeavors more effectively. 


to add a new tool in your toolbox that help groups maneuver through complex and dynamic situations. 

Project Managers

who solve problems all day long. Gain confidence that you can get your team moving forward in the right direction and stop spinning your wheels.


to better understand the types of problems you’re faced with and how to go about addressing them. 

About Annie

Annie has a decade of experience as an organizational development practitioner, business coach, and facilitator. She supports organizations to build teams that uphold cultures of trust, innovation, and collaboration. This matters for companies and organizations who are reckoning with how to move forward in this era of mounting uncertainty. Annie worked for over a decade in the nonprofit sector, with grassroots organizations, large family foundations, Impact Investors, and philanthropists. Annie also has experience consulting with Fortune 500 corporations helping them tackle complex problem-solving, find strategic alignment, and source and scale innovations. She specializes in creating cross-sector collaborations, designing and facilitating strategic meetings, and conducting trainings. She trained to be a facilitator at the Collaborative Operating System (www.cos.org).
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