Lesson Series


No more scouring the internet through endless articles of nonsense. This is your home for all things icebreakers. Playing with a purpose never felt so good or effective.
What you are going to learn


The first step is often the most important. With icebreakers and energizers, we’ll walk you through meaningful methods for intentionally starting any session and provide the fastest route to transparency, trust, and progress. Icebreakers are not “willy-nilly,” but can be  purpose driven exercises that will get your team further, faster.
Throughout this course you will learn:
  • Why icebreakers important and what to do if people ask you not to do them
  • How to use the right mental sherbet for the right moment for the right outcome
  • How does one “icebreaker”
  • It doesn’t have to be funny to work, but it helps
  • Plug-and-run activities for empowering teams

Who Should Attend?


who want to go from bad to good, good to great, and great to… (shiny light with choir singing) INCREDIBLE


who need to turn the heat up.


who are so frustrated you all need to cool down.


 who need to let go and icebreakers are a way of doing that effectively, putting everyone on the same page immediately.

About John

John can juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time. He can sing the French National Anthem in French, but has no idea what he’s actually saying.

He’s run over 500 workshops and developed the premier problem-solving and strategy course for the US Navy and Marine Corps. Originally the illuminate Thinkshops, it is now the curriculum for the Centers for Adaptive Warfighting (CAW). John has run offsites and retreats for the Governor of Virginia, 4-Star Admirals and Generals, and even a workshop for Billy Zane.

About Johnny

Johnny is a former professional soccer player, journalist, and vodka salesman turned innovation consultant.

He’s run over 500 workshops teaming up to create everything from juice packaging and beauty products -- to the “Uber of Security” and new forms of bioplastic. A professor of entrepreneurial strategy, author, and incredible dancer, Johnny loves to help others get further, faster.
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