Lesson Series

Liberating Structures

This course provides you and your team with the key foundations in Liberating Structures to unleash creativity in your meetings through maximum participation
What you are going to learn

Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures is a framework created by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, intended to provide simple rules that make it easy to include and unleash everyone in shaping your future.

We'll lead you through our favorite Liberating Structures for opening, exploring, and closing in your facilitation. We'll teach you about these methods and why and how they work. You’ll learn tips and tricks for using Liberating Structures across your work to facilitate lasting change.
Throughout this course you will:
  • Define key Liberating Structures methods
  • Practice facilitating Liberating Structures in your work
  • Chart a plan for further Liberating Structures growth
  • Connect with a larger Liberating Structures community

Who Should Attend?

Startup founders

who want to learn the power of Liberating Structures


who want to level up their Liberating Structures facilitation skill

Team leaders and managers

who want to unleash their teams to create lasting change

What People are Saying

"We all have the opportunity to lead our organizations and evolve the way that work is done...It’s time for change in corporate culture…Don’t sign-up for this if you don’t want to evolve to define the future."

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Nick Johnson


"One of the best things about the VoltageControl.com community is that they setup a virtual learning space that covers every aspect of Edgar Dale’s classic cone of learning. They encompass the principles of adult learning without ever talking about it ... they just do it."
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Ron Koller


About Erik
Erik believes that a deep empathy and caring, rooted in human-centered design, systems thinking, and futures thinking best supports partners in finding their solutions. Erik is passionate about supporting clients imagining innovative approaches to complex organizational challenges. 

Trained as an educator, designer, researcher, and change agent, he brings significant teaching, design, mentoring, professional learning and development, organizational change, and research experiences from across secondary, higher education, non-profit, and industry contexts. Whether working with individuals, teams, or organizations, he helps people design lasting growth and innovation. Prior to working with Voltage Control, he co-founded Michigan State University’s Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, an internal design consultancy focused on learning experience design, innovation, and organizational transformation.

He earned his B.A. in English Literature from Western Washington University, M.A.T. in Secondary English Education from Brown University, and Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education.
About Douglas
Douglas Ferguson is an entrepreneur and human-centered technologist with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder and president of Voltage Control, an Austin-based facilitation agency that specializes in helping teams work better together through participatory decision making and design inspired facilitation techniques. He has helped transform teams from U.S. SOCOM, the Air Force, Adobe, Dropbox, Fidelity, Vrbo, Liberty Mutual, Humana, and SAIC.

Douglas is a thought leader and master facilitator of Design Sprints, Innovation Acceleration, Team Alignment, Meeting Systems, Culture Transitions, and Change Transformations. He is also the author of three books: Beyond the Prototype, How to Remix Anything (co-authored), and Start Within (co-authored).

Motivated by a mission to rid the world of horrible meetings and offer meaningful meetings in their place, Voltage Control is calling upon fellow facilitators to transform meeting and innovation culture. From free weekly community meetups to Control the Room–the annual facilitator summit, Voltage Control is building a community of facilitators to change the world.
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