Lesson Series

Research and Synthesis

Learn how to interview clients, users or customers, so your team can use the gift of feedback to make better decisions, faster.
What you are going to learn

Research and Synthesis

By now, everyone knows that they should be out there talking to clients, customers and users more. Those conversations are critical to mitigating the risk that people won’t find your products and services valuable or usable. And yet, it’s all too easy to let our eagerness for the answer, our desire to be right, our biases, or our fuzzy memories hear what we want to hear and ultimately lead us to make the wrong decision. These workshops will help ensure that every conversation you have produces meaningful insights you and your team can use to make better decisions. 
Become a better researcher:
  • Learn how to craft more insightful questions
  • Unpack the most common types of bias and how to avoid them
  • Develop your own inner voice to guide towards best research practices when moderating research
  • Test your own bias and practice running a research session
  • Organize research findings to reveal key insights and patterns

Who Should Attend?


who want to go from bad to good, good to great, and great to… (shiny light with choir singing) INCREDIBLE


who need to turn the heat up.


who are so frustrated you all need to cool down.


 who need to let go and icebreakers are a way of doing that effectively, putting everyone on the same page immediately.

About Audrey

Audrey Crane is a Partner at DesignMap, a software strategy and design consultancy focused on enterprise, finance, healthcare and green energy. 

After studying theater and pure mathematics in college, Audrey jump started her career in technology at Netscape Communications, working with luminaries like Ben Horowitz, Hugh Dubberly, and Marty Cagan. She’s worked inside companies and as a consultant since then, providing strategic, design, and research support and services to clients like Salesforce, Docker, Bloomberg and Google. 

Audrey is passionate about helping leaders understand what design is and how to leverage it to the benefit of their organizations and users. She’s the author of the book “What CEOs Need to Know About Design: A business leader’s guide to working with designers.” 

About Beth

Beth is a Lead UX Designer at DesignMap. In college, she studied animation, art history, and graphic design. She has worked on projects for Google Labs, Ebay, Electrify America, and Gartner and gets amped about creating things with character and purpose. In her leisure time she enjoys mountain biking and making pottery. 
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